Melotte 15

Image information:

Date: 08/13/2021
Equipment: Moravian C1+ 12000A camera through APM/LZOS 105/650 APO telescope with IDAS HEUIB-II filter on Losmandy GM8 mount. The telescope was working at f6.2 with Astro-Tech 2" field flattener
Image type: OSC
Exposure time: 80X180s, gain 40.

Object information:

Object designations:

Melotte 15, Collinder 26
Object type:
Open star cluster
Object size:
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Melotte 15 is an open cluster in the center of the Heart nebula complex (IC1805). It is only about 1.5 million years old. Radiation from its young and energetic stars powers the glow of the nebula and sculpts its dust and gas in fantastic shapes. It contains only about 30 stars, but some of them are extremely luminous and massive. Melotte 15 has diameter of 45 ly and distance to it is some 7500 ly.

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