Heart and Soul Narrowband

Image information:

Date: 10/29/2016
Equipment: QSI583ws with internal filter wheel and Baader narrowband Ha, OIII and SII filters through Micro-Nikkor AF 200mm f/4 D ED lens on Losmandy GM8 mount. The lens was working at f5.6.
Image type: CFHT palette, Ha=R, OIII=G, SII=B
Exposure time: 14X8min Ha, 14X10min OIII, 14X12min SII all binned 1X1

Object information:

Object designations:

  • IC 1805, Heart Nebula
  • Sh2-199, Soul Nebula (IC1848 associated open cluster)
Object type:
Emission nebulae
Object size:
  • IC1805 90' X 60'
  • Sh2-199 60' X 30'
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Heart and Soul Nebulae are two clouds of glowing interstellar hydrogen gas. Hydrogen in the area is excited by radiation of the young stars in several open clusters visible in the image. Radiation and stellar wind from these stars is also responsible for hollowing out cavities in the central parts of the nebulae. This whole area has some 300 ly across and is 7500 ly distant from us.

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