NGC457 Owl Cluster

Image information:

Date: 08/09/2008
Equipment: SBIG ST2000XM with CFW10 and Astronomik type 2c LRGB filter set through WO ZS105ED telescope on Losmandy GM8 mount. WO ZS105ED working at f7.
Image type: LRGB
Exposure time: 11X4min Luminance binned 1X1, RG&B 7X3min each binned 2X2

Object information:

Object designations:

NGC 457, Owl Cluster, ET Cluster
Object type:
Open star cluster
Object size:
Constellation: Cassiopeia
NGC 457 is a nice open cluster consisting of more than a hundred stars within volume of 30 ly in diameter. Two brightest stars visible on the image (forming "eyes" of the owl) are not members of the cluster. They are in fact foreground stars. NGC 457 is 9300 ly distant and some 8 million years old.

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