NGC 7000 North America Nebula

Image information:

Date: 07/20/2012
Equipment: QSI583wsg with internal filter wheel using 5nm Astrodon Ha filter and Astrodon E series Gen II RGB filter set through AT65EDQ telescope on Losmandy GM8 mount.
Image type: Ha(Ha+R)GB
Exposure time: 6X8min Ha binned 1X1, RG&B 6X6min each binned 1X1

Object information:

Object designations:

NGC 7000, North America Nebula
Object type:
Diffuse emission nebula
Object size:
120' X 100'
Constellation: Cygnus
This huge area of emission nebulosity is famous because of its resemblance to the continent of North America. It is still not known which stars ionize the gas in the nebulosity and cause it to shine. Clouds of interstellar dust that absorb the light of stars and nebulosity behind them are responsible for the distinct shape of the nebula that we see. Star forming is still going on in the NGC 7000, and some of the open clusters visible on the image are actually associated with the nebula. NGC 7000 is some 50 ly across and 1600 ly distant.

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