Image information:

Date: 03/26/2022
Equipment: Moravian C1+ 12000A camera through APM/LZOS 105/650 APO telescope with IDAS HEUIB-II filter on Losmandy GM8 mount. The telescope was working at f4.9 using TS 2" 0.79x corrector / reducer.
Image type: OSC
Exposure time: 60X60s, gain 40.

Object information:

Object designations:

M67, NGC 2682, King Cobra Cluster, Golden Eye Cluster
Object type:
Open star cluster
Object size:
Constellation: Cancer
M67 is one of the oldest open clusters in our galaxy. It is about 4 billion years old. Open clusters are typically younger, as the stars tend to disperse over time, usually before the cluster reaches this age. M67 consist of over 500 stars. It is some 2700 ly distant, and has a diameter of approximately 23 ly.

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