M44 Praesepe

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Date: 11/04/2007
Equipment: SBIG ST2000XM with CFW8a and Astronomik type 2c LRGB filter set through LZOS Rubinar 4.5/300 Maksutov telephoto lens on Losmandy GM8 mount.
Image type: LRGB
Exposure time: 16X3min Luminance binned 1X1, RG&B 7X2min each binned 2X2.

Object information:

Object designations:

M44, NGC2632, Beehive Cluster, Praesepe
Object type:
Open Cluster
Object size:
Constellation: Cancer
M44 is large, bright and close to us open star cluster. Due to its naked eye visibility it has been known from ancient times. It contains more than 200 stars in diameter of 16 ly. Stars of the cluster formed some 730 million years ago from the same cloud of interstellar matter. M44 is 577 ly distant.

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