Image information:

Date: 06/25/2022
Equipment: Altair Hypercam 533C colour camera through through Pentax-M* 67 300mm F/4 ED (IF) lens on Losmandy GM8 mount. The lens was working at f4.
Image type: OSC
Exposure time: 100X1min, gain 250 (0.8e/ADU).
Comment: M22 is a difficult target for me, since it is low on the horizon (always below 20 degrees).

Object information:

Object designations:

  • M22, NGC 6656
  • NGC 6642
Object type:
Globular clusters
Object size:
  • M22 32'
  • NGC 6642 3.9'
Constellation: Sagittarius

With distance of 10.4 kly M22 is one of the closer globular clusters to us. It is the first object of this type discovered. M22 contains more than 100 000 stars in the diameter of about 100 ly. These stars formed together and are gravitationally bound. It is one of the only four globular clusters known that contains a planetary nebula. Although M22 is spectacular as it is, much of its light is obscured by dust in our galaxy.

Also visible in the image is globular cluster NGC 6642. At 26.7 kly it is much furter than M22. It is a very old and compact cluster.

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