Gamma Cygni Region

Image information:

Date: 6/12/2010
Equipment: SBIG ST2000XM with CFW10 using 5nm Astrodon Ha filter and Astrodon I series Gen II RGB filter set through Voigtlander 125mm Macro APO Lanthar telephoto lens on Losmandy GM8 mount. Lens was working at f4.
Image type: Ha(Ha+R)GB
Exposure time: 7X10min Ha binned 1X1, RG&B 7X6min each binned 1X1

Object information:

Object designations:

  • IC1318, Butterfly Nebula;
  • NGC 6910;
NGC6888, Crescent Nebula
Object type:
  • IC1318 Diffuse emission and dark nebula complex;
  • NGC6910 Open cluster
  • NGC 6888 Emission nebula
Object size:
325' X 244' (field dimensions)
Constellation: Cygnus

This image shows area around star Gamma Cygni known also as Sadr. IC1318 is complex of dark dust clouds and glowing nebulae along the plane of our galaxy. Because of its looks it is also called the Butterfly Nebula. NGC6910 is an open cluster situated above Gamma Cygni in this image. This open cluster was born inside the molecular cloud of which IC1318 is a part. Sadr is not related to IC1318, it is a foreground star. Sadr is distant some 750ly while IC1310 distance from us is about 5000ly. The IC1318 molecular cloud spans over more than 100 light years. The Crescent Nebula NGC6888 is at the lower right corner of the image.

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