Cave Nebula

Image information:

Date: 08/21/2020
Equipment: QSI583wsg with internal filter wheel using 5nm Astrodon Ha filter and Astrodon E series Gen II RGB filter set through APM 107/700 APO telescope with Astro-Tech 2" field flattener on Losmandy GM8 mount.
Image type: HaRGB
Exposure time: 16X12min Ha binned 1X1, RG&B 16X8min each binned 1X1

Object information:

Object designations:

Cave Nebula, Sh2-155, Caldwell 9
Object type:
Emission, reflection and dark absorption nebula
Object size:
50' X 30'
Constellation: Cepheus
The Cave nebula is a large area of faint emission nebulosity surrounded by dust. It is a star forming region which is a part of the huge Cepheus B molecular cloud. Some of the stars in the region are less than 100 000 years old. The Cave nebula has a radius of 35 ly and is some 2400 ly distant.

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